wednesday outing :P

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had an outing with eunice, lay koon, cheryl, qui yi, and albert (last to arrive cos he has lessons)

when to vivo wanted to get a laptop case and a proper sandals that looks formal but still not to “ah pek” so walked already to look for it

got the sandals from zara after going so many other shops.

then had dinner with everyone except cheryl cos her ‘friend’ came to vivo to have dinner with her

we had thai express

then went to east coast to chill at the ex-big splash

when home really late, but was worried cos silly fuji was making hell out of noise

afraid she would disturb my parents

slept around 5plus 6


woke up around 12plus 1

suppose to meet clifford to go shopping at taka

but i didnt go instead

cos i was far tooo tired and lazy

PLUS the weather was damn bloody hot so decided to stay home than went out to do some stuff

picked mum from office cos she didnt drive today

had dinner at aunt’s house

home sweet home 🙂


rough update

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hello people!

i know i have not been blogging for ages.

just a rough update on my life :-

already in Republic Polytechnic

passed driving test on first attempt ! manual hor! 😀

many many things have been happening in the pass few months, but from these problem i believe that i have have learn from the mistakes made and also the experience gained


there’s not tag board here, so if you wanna to let a note or anything PLEASE feel free to click on comments. 🙂